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R3vivegaming is an exclusive gaming community. People regardless of gender, race, religion, nationality, age or sexual orientation are welcome, because basically we are all gamer!
All interests are respected and promoted, no matter if you only play casual or increasingly competitive games, but you are also certain that you and your team like to pursue the same goals. We see each community member as the backbone and image bearer of our gaming community, so our only expectation of you is that we behave appropriately towards other players. Of course, this should not scare you as a gamer.

Whats the meaning of R3vivegaming?

The meaning of the name comes from the world-famous and still active Game World of Warcraft. As a healer you always had the task to protect your team from an unnecessary wipe or breathe even a last life spark. So it is in our community, we give you another impetus to realize your goals and to grow with a tolerant gaming community. But what would a reviving community be without support? For the individual buffs provide our technicians and like to have their own game server available for events, tournaments or even competitions. So you can be sure that it is guaranteed not boring!

With teamplay you get ahead!

Whether we face a world boss like Garothi Worldbreaker or an enemy team on the battlefields, with a little fun, humor and patience we get everything small! With sword & shield, magic or a 50th caliber we plow the enemies on the battlefields and enjoy their loot as well as heel money. The collective experience from each battle is what makes us a community and makes us stronger!

One for all
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Matches & Tuniere

What would be a community that does not actively participate in the ESL or at least in tournaments and tournaments? The thought did not go with us for long, and we started to plan, make and create teams. Be it Battle Royal, Mobas or Competitive Shooter. All sorts of genres are represented, and yet we are not averse to new ones. Is your team looking for a name and a benevolent gaming community to take home? Then talk to us, we will be happy to help you move forward under the name R3vivegaming!

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